A comprehensive evaluation comparing the condition and functionality of your structure versus the proposed project requirements is critical to developing the most cost-effective design. We work closely with our clients to ensure we develop repair, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or replacement plans that meet your long-term needs and budget.

Great designs take into consideration the geometric and structural requirements of the location, constructability, cost, and how the final product will blend with the surrounding environment. Our staff balances all of these factors when developing plans and specifications for your projects.

HLR’s inspection services provide a clear picture of the condition of the structures on your system to meet the Federal National Bridge Inspection Standard requirements and assist in your maintenance and programming decisions. We provide inspections and reports on a wide variety of structure types from culverts to multi-span structures and major structures over the Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, Wabash, and Fox Rivers.

Bridge owners need to have confidence in the loads their structures can safely carry. Our staff has analyzed and rated thousands of bridges. Since 2008, we have provided these services to IDOT as well as many other agencies on all levels of structures.

If a wind or solar power project is being developed in your community, you need to have confidence that your roads and bridges can handle the heavy use these developments can bring. Our structural engineers provide in-depth inspection and structural evaluations of bridges and culverts to be used during the construction of these facilities. Services provided include evaluation of each structure for the load capacity and geometric use by the large vehicles used to deliver and construct the project as well as structure strengthening or replacement as needed.