The traffic congestion challenges we face today require creative designs that balance operational efficiency, environmental sustainability, and accommodations for future growth and expansion. With HLR on your team, you can expect to receive a well-rounded team of engineers who are experts in designing rural and urban highways, new alignments, roadway improvements, widening/arterial projects, parking lots, and much more. By utilizing a team approach, we work to build strong, productive partnerships between our staff, our clients, and various regulatory agencies to deliver solutions for safer, more efficient transportation systems.

Lighting is designed to minimize energy, capital, and maintenance costs while ensuring that safety is not compromised. As traffic numbers continue to increase, lighting will play an important role in making public spaces safer for drivers and pedestrians. HLR has extensive experience with the evaluation, design, and construction of a variety of street lighting systems. Our team will ensure that each design is tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of your community.

Reviews help to identify plan issues before they impact the construction process. Typically these are associated with drainage items, roadway alignment, and quantity discrepancies. HLR has provided expert assistance in evaluating new project for over 39 years. We have earned the respect of our clients for our technical thoroughness, objectivity, and ability to work with community representatives and developers. Our engineering staff makes sure that all development meets or exceeds the letter and intent of all ordinances, saving our clients time and money.

Most new building facilities and expansions require some level of site design – usually consisting of parking and drive layout and grading, utility layout, and stormwater control. Our team performs a variety of site designs for everything from retail developments to large schools, factories, and industrial parks.

Many communities are concentrating on developing alternative transportation options for residents such as multi-use, bicycle, and pedestrian paths, and safe routes to school. HLR has assisted many of our public sector clients with the planning and design for these types of improvements.

It’s important to manage pavement systems to preserve and extend service life. We offer design, planning, and monitoring services for a broad range of clients including municipalities, schools, and property managers to help keep pavement safe and properly maintained. Our team can work with you to develop an action plan based on your goals and budget to reduce overall project costs and increase the longevity of your paved surface.

Our engineers understand that projects are meant to enhance and improve communities. That’s why we regularly work with municipal representatives and architects to ensure that our designs are aesthetically pleasing and meet the desired “feel” of the neighborhood or area. These projects involve ADA/PROWAG-compliant pathways, plantings, lighting, traffic signals, and sustainable design features such as permeable pavers.