Preliminary Engineering

A successful project can’t be completed without detailed planning and community involvement. Our team will ensure your projects are developed in accordance with current standards, with consideration of costs and budgets, and minimizing environmental impacts while involving the public throughout the entire process. Learn More ›

Design Engineering

A high-quality set of design documents is the basis for a successful project. Our engineers interpret your vision and develop plans and specifications that help you achieve your goals for all types of transportation improvements including roadway and site construction. Learn More ›

Structural Engineering

HLR has a long structural engineering history in Illinois. We have bridge design experience on everything from major interstate highways to rural county roads. In fact, we have designed more local agency bridges than any other firm in the state. Learn More ›

Construction Engineering

We act as an advocate for our clients during the construction process. Our experienced construction team is responsible for making sure your vision is built safely, on-time, within budget, and with the least impact to the public. Learn More ›

Drainage Engineering

Flooding events can be devastating to a community. With expertise in stormwater and subsurface drainage design, our professionals can provide you with tailored solutions to combat issues caused by large rain events. Learn More ›

Traffic Engineering

Traffic on your roadways never lets up and neither do our dedicated traffic engineers. Our cutting-edge approach to traffic engineering and intersection design translates into efficient signal operations and smooth traffic flow after improvements are completed. Learn More ›

Land Acquisition

Our ever-expanding transportation system often requires the acquisition of private property for public use. We provide our clients with comprehensive services that include appraisal, appraisal review, negotiation, and litigation support services. Learn More ›

Land Surveying

An accurate survey lays the foundation for every successful project. HLR can complete projects of any scope and size utilizing the latest technology, including drones. With licensed surveyors and construction layout technicians on staff, we pride ourselves on accurate data collection and solution-focused field coordination. Learn More ›

Environmental Services

Environmental concerns are increasing, and with them comes a complex network of regulations and requirements. Our environmental staff is composed of highly-educated and proactive professionals who are dedicated to making your project a success. Learn More ›

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

Our GIS experts have extensive experience recording and compiling the locations of infrastructure and utilities into detailed databases. This makes utility coordination and the asset management process much easier by utilizing real-time information to save you time and money. Learn More ›

Water / Wastewater

Forward-thinking designs are vital due to the demands on existing infrastructure caused by population growth. At HLR, we take the responsibility of clean water delivery and sewage treatment very seriously, and our team is experienced in all aspects of water/wastewater systems. Learn More ›