Directional Drilling

30 minutes – $25.00
  • Directional drilling process
  • What is a fracout?
  • Why do fracouts occur?
  • Fracout identification, containment, and clean-up
  • Required documentation and notification
  • Contingency plan

Stormwater Permitting

30 minutes – $25.00
  • Federal law requirements
  • Site disturbance calculations
  • Notice of Intent
  • Agency coordination
  • Notice of Termination
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Inspection program
  • Incident of non-compliance


30 minutes – $25.00
  • What are wetlands?
  • Functions of wetlands
  • How we determine wetlands
  • Investigation of vegetation, soils, and hydrology
  • Different types of wetland communities


Meet Erica

Erica has been involved with all environmental aspects of transportation, utility, and development projects throughout her 20 year career. As an active participant in professional associations and the environmental engineering community, she has presented on a range of environmental-related issues at local, regional, and national conferences. Her broad range of skills and experience make her an asset to clients and a resource to the entire engineering community.