Civil Engineering

Improving Communities by Design

Municipal infrastructure. Transportation and traffic. Creating the grid. Fly over any section of the country and you’ll see the grid that makes our towns and cities work. HLR is a civil engineering firm that uses the science of engineering to plan that grid across a region and down to street level, enhancing transportation function and aesthetics in the process. Our goal as civil engineers is to make automotive and pedestrian traffic more efficient, improve public spaces and exceed expectations in service and expertise at every phase of your project.

HLR – The Leading Choice of Civil Engineering Firms

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Transportation Engineering

HLR develops a close working relationship with your staff while maintaining long-term working relationships with governmental approval agencies as your transportation engineering experts.
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Traffic Engineering

HLR’s traffic engineers will walk your project from analysis through design, construction and monitoring of traffic signal operations.
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Drainage Design

HLR’s expertise in storm water drainage design and subsurface drainage design will be tailored to your site and give your project the level of protection against flooding that you desire.
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Municipal Engineering

Our municipal engineering services will help you reduce workloads through efficient and timely review services.
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